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    29 septembre, 2017
    We'd like to congratulate all the teams across the nation that have competed in the 2017 Dragon Boat Racing season! As well as each and every dragon boat paddler, new or old, whether you were new the sport this year, or are a seasoned veteran!
    Dragonboatr has taken a brief hiatus from the app store as the 2017 USA dragon boat racing season has just begun! Congrats to all the teams that competed recently in the Long Beach, CA race as well as the Cooper River Race in New Jersey! To stay posted on the most up-to-date rankings for each...
    30 janvier, 2017
    Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year from Dragonboatr HQ, based in Los Angeles, CA! This upcoming Dragon Boat season will surely be spectacular! We hope you have all been training hard throughout the winter season to prep for 2017! Stay tuned for new updates to rankings, dragonboat equipment/...
    27 octobre, 2016
    We are honored to announce Cali Paddler as our apparel affiliate for all of your Dragon Boat clothing! Stay warm and train hard, remember that championships are won during the off season!
    4 octobre, 2016
    Today, we at Dragonboatr will be partnering up with the Canada-based premier Dragon boat Equipment supplier; Mission Distribution, in conjunction with 22Dragons. Keep your eyes peeled for App updates & rankings - Train hard, all!
    28 septembre, 2016
    Greetings! Hello, World! Stay tuned for updates!
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    Daniel has been paddling since 2008 in Toronto, and has been racing in North America and Asia ever since. When not dragon boating he can be found analyzing data for work and for fun.

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    iOS App Developer, Steerer & Coach (2007-2015 XtremeNY)

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